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Visser & Van Baars offers jobs in data & analytics on a permanent, interim and secondment basis. Our ambition is to help you find the career that’s best for you. We’re happy to advise you on all the options at your disposal. 

  • Choosing an interim position

    We keep closely in contact with all our interim professionals, so we can perfectly match you with the right interim position to meet your needs. That means we look not only at job descriptions, but also at the duration, salary and type of employer that suits you best.

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  • Choose secondment

    If you choose to work on a secondment basis with Visser & Van Baars, you’ll become part of our team, which gives you access to the largest BI, MI and data & analytics network. You’ll gain vital experience working on a wide range of projects, while also enjoying all the securities of a permanent job contract.

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  • Choose search and selection

    Tell us about what you expect and wish for in a permanent job, and we’ll get to work searching for the ideal employer for you. We’ll help you prepare for job interviews, offer constructive feedback and advise you on salary negotiations.

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Our areas of expertise

Visser & Van Baars is the staffing and consulting organisation with the largest network of clients and IT professionals in the fields of business intelligence, marketing intelligence and data & analytics.

  • ​‘What I love about the contact with Visser & Van Baars is how open the communication is. I always get a response immediately.’ 
    Ann Neuts

    Ann Neuts

    Data Reporting Specialist

  • ​​‘The nice thing about my job was the combination of producing reports and training end users to get started using the technology.’ 
    Pieter Beyne

    Pieter Beyne

    Tableau Developer

  • ​​‘Next thing I knew, Visser & Van Baars had negotiated exactly the job offer and salary for me that I had been hoping for. That was a really good feeling.’  
    Leon Graveland

    Leon Graveland

  • ​" I got in touch with Visser & Van Baars on a Monday. There was an immediate click. On Thursday I could already start with a client."
    Patrick van Mol

    Patrick van Mol

    Webfocus Consultant

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