Event - Data Management for the Algorithm-Driven Enterprise

Data Management for the Algorithm-Driven Enterprise

Visser & Van Baars office - Graanmarkt 2, 2000 Antwerpen

It's time for the first meetup of 2019, Data management for the Algorithm-Driven Enterprise with examples from AWS, Collibra & Shape AI.

How do you avoid that data lakes turn into data swamps? How do you keep an overview of all the data that you have? How do you make sure analytics teams can re-use the work that others have done? How do data managers quickly identify, prioritise and resolve data issues? These are just a couple of questions that data management teams help address. In this session you’ll learn about modern data management processes and tools that data- and algorithm-driven enterprises deploy to be successful in the digital economy.



18:00 Welcome + free burgers
19:00 Maarten Masschelein
20:00 Peter Princen

About Maarten

Maarten is co-founder and CEO of Shape AI, an enterprise software company that provides solution for big data quality management. Maarten has 7+ years of experience in data management and data strategy.

About Peter

Peter is a Product Manager at Collibra responsible for Collibra Catalog. In the past, he worked as a product manager for a large supplier for the automotive and aerospace market where he was in charge of Quality Assurance software.