Machine Learning in Practice

Machine Learning in Practice: Deep learning for mobile applications!

Visser & Van Baars office - Graanmarkt 2, 2000 Antwerpen

It’s time for a new edition: Machine Learning in Practice: Deep learning for mobile applications! On the 20th of September 2018, Microsoft MVP Jan van de Poel will dig deeper into the possibilities of Machine Learning. We are hosting this Meetup in cooperation with MADN ( and Spilberg (


18:00 Doors open + Delicious free burgers from our food truck
19:00 Start talks
21:00 Network & drinks


Deep learning is taking the world by storm, allowing simple creation of things that were previously digitally impossible. But what does this mean for developers? Do we have to become Neural Network experts? Does this even work on mobile?

This talk is meant as a practical rather than theoretical introduction to deep learning for mobile developers. We'll be covering just enough theory to get you going and focus on ways to be productive.

Jan van de Poel

As a co-founder of Flow Pilots, Jan has been helping enterprises with their mobile and digital experiences since 2011, until it was acquired last year. He is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and was training neural networks over a decade ago. He is now researching practical applications of deep learning and tries to make deep learning more accessible, understandable and applicable at