Data modeling event

Review Data Modeling Zone EU/USA

Visser & Van Baars office - Graanmarkt 2, 2000 Antwerpen

In the second Meetup of Visser & van Baars Rebekka Moyson, Annemie Van Cauter and Ivan Schotsmans will give you a review on the hot topics during the DMZ 2017.

Furthermore Martijn Evers will speak about The birth of the Data Facilitator.


16:00 - Welcome with drinks
16:30 - A review on the hot topics during the DMZ 2017 by Rebekka, Annemie & Ivan
17:00 - The birth of the Data Facilitator by Martijn Evers
18:00 - Drinks & Food

A review on the hot topics during the DMZ 2017

Last year they visited DMZ for the first time and it was a real eye-opener for them. Furthermore they learned everything about dealing with data concerns and are excited to share their thoughts with you.

#1: Rebekka Moyson

Rebekka Moyson joined Aveve as young potential and is part of Ivan Schotsmans’ team. After receiving her Master of Science in Mathematics, she now works as a business intelligence architect. Her professional goal in life is to become an authority in the domain of data science.

#2: Annemie Van Cauter

Annemie Van Cauter is one of the talented young potentials within Aveve and is also part of Ivan Schotsmans’ team. Annemie is a young graduate from the University of Leuven with a master in Business Administration as well as one in Information Management. After spending a vast amount of time abroad in countries like the US, Mexico and South Korea, she recently joined Aveve Group in her hometown as a Business Architect Master Data.

#3: Ivan Schotsmans

Ivan has more than 25 years’ experience in bridging the gap between business and IT. He knows everything about applying people, process, problem-solving, and technical skills to improve individual-, team- and organizational performance. In his career he has designed, developed and implemented more than 10 full life cycles in the field of data warehousing. He is also (co-)founder and active member of several global organizations (TDWI Benelux Chapter, DAMA, IAIDQ…).

The birth of the Data Facilitator by Martijn Evers

Full Scale Data Architects is a social network of likeminded professionals sharing crucial, hard to get, but fundamental knowledge around data/information -management, -governance and -architecture.

The world of data is changing rapidly. We are trying to make Data Architects come to grips with the new reality of data. We want you to stay up-to-date and to get the control back. Therefore, we started a movement. Every Full Scale Data Architect can join and help us combat the ever increasing data-tsunami. To raise awareness we created nine commandments to help guide the (aspiring) Full Scale Data Architect. Join us on our mission to combat data entropy.